You Sexy Thang

Gotta admit: there’s not a whole lot going on: right now I have a headache that’s in it’s fourth day, with no signs of dissipating. So what do I do? I go for my favorite time-killer: searching‘s personals for ads from those oh-so-lonelyhearts looking for a librarian to love. It’s amazing how the term “librarian” pops up with frightening regularity from those looking for someone who are as socially maladjusted as they are.

Why “socially maladjusted”? After carefully analyzing the ads (okay; maybe just scrolling through about 4-5 of them), I’ve discovered a disturbing commonality….

Who knew we were such hot commodities? Maybe some of us had an inkling or two from the times we noticed a twinkling in some patron’s eye, but wrote it off because we thought it was just a homeless guy really anxious to use the bathroom. We all know about the professional stereotype, but I have a feeling most of us were at best dimly aware the stereotype extended beyond the workplace. Or maybe we were hoping it was just the workplace.

Maybe we should try to live the fantasy: try whipping off your glasses while ripping out the hair bun (not literally) and let your lionine hair cascade around your sexy shoulders while you try to explain to the increasingly agitated patron that you can’t tell him what his Yahoo! mail password is because he’s the one who set it in the first place.

If it works, let me know.

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  1. Sulkbrarian
    Sulkbrarian August 14, 2003 at 1:20 am | | Reply

    In my “It’s-3 a.m.-and-I-finished-my-paper-but-thanks-to-caffeine-I’m-gonna-be-awake-till-the-rapture” grad skool days, and before I met my boyfriend, I would wind down from griping about HAPLR ratings by venturing into the MSN Peers 30’s chat rooms for some stupid verbiage so’s I could turn my brain off real good. Worked, too! Anyone seen the “on” switch??!? 🙁

    At any rate. I would utter nonsequiturs for my own amusement and so forth, and as SOON as the men saw I was a librarian (plus I had a photo on my profile, which except for my profession was completely made up and plenty humorous), BAM!!! they were on me. Which, y’know, sounds pretty good right about now. But I digress.

    It WAS the stereotype! It is a THING they have! Much like that thing where they wanna watch two girls get frisky, they seem nearly to a man (from my, uh, careful and comprehensive research, which dovetails with your own, ahem) to really, really dig the prim and proper/hiding a she-beast to be unleashed image. How ’bout that! We gittin’ all sexy an’ stuff up in here…:D

  2. gl.
    gl. August 15, 2003 at 3:35 pm | | Reply

    gosh. it makes me wish i were a librarian…. *hangs head* i’ll never get the cool craigslist guys.

  3. artmusiclibrarian
    artmusiclibrarian August 17, 2003 at 11:04 am | | Reply

    i like to read the personals on now that it’s tied in with the spring street networks, some are not as interesting/weird as they used to be. try it out. you might have to sign up, but it’s free.

  4. Original Cyn
    Original Cyn August 18, 2003 at 9:52 am | | Reply

    It’s kind of a variation on the old “Mary Ann vs. Ginger” theme. I remember watching “Batman” as a kid, and my older boy cousins drooling over Batgirl (my early librarian role model). I asked why they didn’t like the more overtly sexy Catwoman, and they said, “Oh, EVERYONE knows about girls who wear glasses,” then collapsing into fits of giggles.

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