You Gonna Need That?

The questions continue…..

Question Two: What’s the strangest thing you’ve used as a bookmark?

(deep breath)….

  • Sugar/Sweet’N Low™ packets
  • Bills (paid/unpaid)
  • Tissues (crumpled but clean)
  • Dental Floss (clean–trust me)
  • Credit Cards
  • 45s (the Sixties)
  • 8-Track Tapes (the Seventies)
  • CDs/DVDs
  • Mini Book Light
  • Scarves (finished and unfinished) and/or knitting needles
  • Cat (she wouldn’t sit still, however)
  • Husband (he sat still for five minutes until he realized I wasn’t going to come back any time soon)
  • Hotel Shampoo Bottles
  • Cough Drops
  • Cough Drop Wrappers
  • Earrings/Necklaces
  • College Transcripts
  • Term Papers
  • Other Books

To this day I still don’t know why I persist in grabbing fistfuls of freebie bookmarks at every librarian conference.

Question for Next Time: What do you hate about books?

Lesson Learned Dept: Sometimes being a smartypants librarian brings some unexpected surprises.