You Are Killing Me

Let’s face it; you people are making me sick. Literally. Not only have I been struggling to get over the flu since my last posting, as soon as I’m finally back amongst the living for two whole days, what happens? I come down with a bad cold.

So why is it your fault? Because I’m pretty darned sure I got both these illnesses whilst performing library-related duties. Or just plain hanging out with librarians. I’ll give the profession the benefit of doubt for the flu: after all, I do work at a university, which we all know are virus fiestas, second only to carnival foodstands sitting next to petting zoos and daycare centers. However the full blame for my cold rests squarely upon your collective shoulders, because taking into consideration the incubation period, I’m certain I got the damn thing at ACRL.

Oh no–it wasn’t enough that the Powerpoint wouldn’t work for my presentation, I had to come back with a jimdandy head cold. Okay; so someone in the audience complimented us for not using Powerpoint, but that still doesn’t get you off the hook. Right now I’m too frightened to even contemplate what I’ll come down with after ALA. Just a word of advice: next time, no double-dipping in the chocolate fountain, okay?

Next Time: Why all of you are making me fat.

What I’m Listening To: Uncontrollable Urge by Devo because I keep hearing it in a Mitsubishi ad that plays over and over and over…. Have to admit, when I saw them at UC Davis in 1978, I never dreamed they’d wind up selling most of their discography to sell cars and cleaning products. Then again, I’ve never seen a band crawl on all fours to the stage. The look on my date’s face when Bob Casale crawled over his foot? Priceless.