With Friends Like These….

Ever wonder what it’s like being a FoTLL? Think it’s all parties with Diddy or photo ops of me clutching teeny chihuahuas with shaky DNA profiles? Art Hendricks, a fellow librarian, kindly “volunteered” (I still have the negatives, Art) to write up just what it’s like to bask in my celeb aura:

Apparently the Lipstick Librarian is so busy doing who knows what, she asked that I do a guest blog for her. This is a big deal for me. I remember several years ago, fresh out of library school, hearing about the Lipstick Librarian and seeing the web site. Or maybe it wasn’t that long ago; it’s hard to tell since the website itself hasn’t seemed to change.
But I digress. At any rate, I was impressed that someone had taken the time to Photoshop an old advertisement and pay for a domain name. Imagine my surprise when it turned out that my new co-worker was a celebrity.

After the blog started, I began to read it with interest. (Well, not really, but it helps to placate the Lipstick Librarian, I’ve found.) After reading her blog for awhile, I noticed certain patterns, which lead to an inspiration on what to write as a guest.

As a public service, I thought it would be helpful to develop a list of topics that one has a good chance of reading by LL as well as list of topics LL will never write about.

Topics you’ll probably read here:

* I actually stopped by the local Starbucks and asked for a "Linda" and they knew exactly what drink I meant! It was an iced tea with no extra water and it was sort of bitter (nothing like LL at all — honest!)

Topics you’ll probably never read here:

So, there you have it (assuming this doesn’t get heavily edited and LL doesn’t punch me in the nose.)