Why You Should Fall to You Knees and Worship Blake Carver

Why, you ask? Because if there were no Blake Carver, we would only have American Libraries Online to turn to for our library news. You see, not only does Blake run my hosting service, LISHost, he’s also the paterfamilias for LISNews.com, a…

collaborative weblog [aka blog] devoted to current events and news in the world of Library and Information Science. A dedicated team of authors scours the Web to find stories they find interesting.

Blake’s being modest–LISNews is more than just a news source: it’s gossip central, bitch (and love) fest, voting booth, a mini-MLS program and a diary to boot. It’s an excellent place to keep up on the profession, be it federated searching, millennials (the hot topic at ACRL) or just plain wacky library happenins‘. American Libraries might tell you about library budget cuts, but it’s only from LISNews that you’ll learn that female librarians are fatter than the average businesswoman.

LISNews is also a labour of love, and like most labour-of-loves, it’s costing him time and money. So show Blake your (platonic) love by donating to the cause: look for the “Make a Donation” button on any LISNews page and give generously–it’s the best investment you’ll make since you signed those loan papers for your MLS….

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