Where’s the Tartar Sauce?

I’ve been back from the ACRL conference in Baltimore for neigh on a week now, and wouldn’t you know it? I have some thoughts to share:

  • Judging from the list of official ACRL bloggers, I’d say the bloggers-to-attendee ratio was pretty much 1-to-1. Okay; that was snarky, but could it be I’m jealous that the executive committee didn’t come crawling, conference t-shirts clutched between their teeth, begging me to blog? Naah….
  • This was a first–I’ve never attended a conference in a venue that also hosted continuing education events for tweenage cheerleaders and Mary Kay reps. Despite comments to the contrary, it wasn’t hard to tell who was attending what. But guess which group sported the most visible belly-button piercings? It ain’t the librarians or the reps….
  • Our obsession with millennials continues unabated, but this time we’ve capitulated.
  • I accidentally outed the Emrey-Pratt robot. I also learned that Emrey Pratt does not like having their robot outed.
  • Best vendor giveaway: the Darwin bobblehead from Greenwood Press. Second best giveaway? Your picture with John Waters at his book signing, preferably one where he doesn’t look like he’s dying to inch away from you.
  • Preconference day wound up instead being deep-fried seafood day. Despite the extra three pounds, I refuse to regret it.
  • Looks like the eye shadow of choice for middle-school cheerleaders contains lots and lots of green glitter.
  • It pains me to say it, but I have to admit the hottest vendor reps were from Elsevier. The combo of hipster hair and a suit is extraordinarily potent after two days lost in a sea of knit ties and ill-fitting Dockers.
  • Need a tip to squeeze extra giveaways from a vendor? Tell them you’d like to videotape them for the virtual conference. One of them bribed me with three candles to go away….
  • Apparently your weight does not have to be in triple digits to support a three-layer human pyramid as long as no one involved is over twelve. Or wearing less than five glittery hair thingys each.

Best Quote from The Office Season Dept: It’s a tie! The first, a pearl about our access to quality info:

“Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject. So you know you are getting the best possible information.”

The second? That’s for next time….

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