What is the Sound of a Laughing Librarian?

Despite my patently glamourous lifestyle, I’m certain it’s a shock to everyone out there to learn that I harbor a few regrets in my life. Sure, you folks think being a Lipstick Librarian is all Michael Kors at Fall Fashion Week and federated searching, but after the second glass of freebie wine at a Dynix reception, dark thoughts cross my mind, thoughts such as

But I can die happy. Why? Because I’ve heard Mary laugh. And now you can hear her too. Support Mary’s quest to be the ultimate Laughing Librarian by voting for her.

You won’t regret it.

Nancy Pearl Drag Update: You guys came so close: the September totals from my cafepress.com store is $73.25. Though I will donate the proceeds to Katrina efforts, if you want me to be in full NP glory, I’ll need to reach $200 by the end of October. Act now and make me sweat bullets!

Good Night, Sweet Nipsey: Nipsey Russell, one of the mainstays of Match Game has passed away. Major props should be bestowed upon the man, who I consider the Ur-Rapper of our time. That man could truly bust a rhyme. (Hey–that rhymes! Never mind….)