What I’d Miss?

I missed it. I missed the Summer of the Librarian. I missed the whole Sarah Palin, library-look hottie and book-banning mamma thing. I even missed the librarian-as-serial-bank-robber brouhaha. So what’s a librarian to do? Build embarrassing Facebook pages for themselves and drive patrons insane with protestations that even celebs want to be librarians.

The World’s Oldest Meme Dept: Why did I go with “Reading is the New Black” as my meme? It’s simple: I want reading to be a defiant act. Actually I don’t need to wish for it–it seems to be one already, judging from millennial surveys. Let’s face it: for anyone born after 1980, reading a book is the intellectual equivalent of using a rotary-dial phone: quaint but ultimately perplexing.

So how does one make perplexing behavior commonplace? Borrow from the baby-boomer playbook: pronounce it edgy. And rebellious. The only problem is, millennials grew up listening ad nauseum to that playbook. Now they spend their time rolling their eyes at any hint of BB manipulation. In short, reading (at least reading anything longer than a magazine article) doesn’t have much of a future.

Our only hope? Make sure every book published has a picture of Audrey Hepburn on the cover. Or better yet, attach it to the whole DIY/hipster culture thing. Like knitting.

Shamless Politcal Profiteering Dept: Since I haven’t seen them on the web yet, I decided to grab the proverbial independant voter by the indecisive ears and came up with my own Obama shirt: “I’m Hapa for Obama“. A portion of the profits will be donated to the League of Women Voters. Show your mixed-race pride and buy one today!