What About My Friends?

I’m not exactly sure when I joined Facebook. I do recall signing up some time ago then pretty much forgetting about it. Other than checking out any group in which I had a vague interest and realizing I am waaaay older than the average member, there wasn’t much point in using Facebook, other than to post comments like “Yeah; (your interest here) ROCKS!” ad nauseam.

Then Ning came along. Like Facebook, I have no freakin’ memory of when/how/why I learned of it, but that didn’t stop me from joining (is there a twelve-step for joining social networking sites indiscriminately?). Ning was a little better in that there were library/librarian specific groups, thus stroking my super-ego with the pallid rationale I was joining for “professional” reasons. It also helped there were faces I recognized, mostly from other library-oriented social networking sites, but when you’re besotted with the idea of adding a small auditorium of instant friends with one click, it’s all good.

So I joined. I joined four groups, in fact. Then I did what comes naturally: I forgot about it. Then the friend invites began.

It started as a trickle: a message a day announcing that somebody wanted to be my friend. Judging from the photos they looked like very nice folks. So I added them. Then I started to get two or three friend requests a day. After a week, I must have gotten four or five requests every time I logged into my e-mail accounts (yes, that’s e-mail accounts). My dream became a nightmare: with these many friends I’m going to have to mail enough Christmas cards to fill a Costco warehouse.

And as for my newfound friends: I love you all. You know I do. So please don’t be offend if I say that for most of you, I wouldn’t recognize you even if you came up and bitch-slapped me in front of an ALA panel discussion on resource sharing. So we need to rectify the situation: we need to have one big-ass party just to meet one another–say, at ALA in Washington, DC this summer?

(Hey Kids! Interested in learning about Ning? Try finding the social network I created. It’s fun!)

What I’m Reading Dept: Declare by Tim Powers. Powers is the only writer with the knack of creating characters who spout huge amounts of exposition but can still be wildly entertaining….

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