Wanna Come Up and Check Out My Special Collection?

Popbitch reports the shocking news that the British Library is entering the dating biz by offering a “Mingle” evening or singles who “like…to talk and wants to make friends.”

Uh-huh. Sounds rather innocent, doesn’t it?

But the BL tips its hand in the last paragraph: “Beautiful Minds….What better backdrop for people who are bold, bright, bored and single to meet their match?”

What next? Virtual reference sessions devoted to facilitating online booty calls? Library assistants serving appletinis and stale Ritz crackers at the reserve desk? Adding the OK Cupid! Online Dating Test to the Electronic Resources section of library websites?

Then again, if that library bond vote doesn’t fly, you could always outsource tech services to a speed dating call center….

Prissy is as Prissy Does: Check out OK Cupid’s take on the librarian fashion sense. Thank god we’ll do anything not to be the object of jokes….