The Roundtable’s Over…

Some of you may have noticed that I’m not quite up on the posting thing as I used to be (“used to be” being sometime around mid-2004), especially when it comes to All Things Library. After dwelling on the hows and whys of my writers block at 3:00 am, or during interminable committee meetings (particularly those without free scones), I’ve come to an inevitable conclusion:

I’m over my librarian adolescence.

After a decade plus, I no longer see the world through library-colored bifocals. I’ve stopped mistaking the world “libertarian” for “librarian” when reading the newspaper (though for some reason the penal problem still persists). Issues of American Libraries lay (lie?) unopened on my office floor–I don’t even scan Currents to see if any of my classmates have gained more weight than me. I am not as starry-eyed about being a librarian as I used to be. And to be honest, I feel it’s a bit ovedue.

Why? Maybe its because I’m up to my armpits in librarianship every day: the innocent, quizzical looks I get from undergrads when I explain for the umpteenth time why Maxim is not a credible academic resource. Earnest, soulful discussions with colleagues about stapler placement. The sensitive lectures to student workers about the importance of knowing the alphabet when to comes to shelving books (Note: hand puppets and draining iPod batteries before the Big Talk helps).

But the real truth is, it’s just plain not natural to keep up unbridled enthusiasm for that long. Heck; even I get tired of watching the Law & Order in all its permutations….(okay; so I’m not tired of watching them, but I did refuse to watch the L&O: Trial by Jury series, even it did have that cute, doomed guy from Oz). And I don’t think it helps the profession in the long run. Why?

Stay tuned….

What I’m Watching: Campus Ladies on Oxygen. (Note: mute your sound before clicking on the links.) The story of two fortysomething ladies entering college for the first time, replete with dormitory hijinks. It’s my worst nightmare turned into a weekly 21-minute sitcom….

What I’m Reading: Passage to India by E.M. Forster. Why yes, I do read–got a problem with that?