The New Product Standard for Quiet

While I was looking at air-conditioners on the site (don’t ask), I was startled the see a series of air-conditioners branded as “library quiet” by Sharp USA. After doing some poking around on the web, I discover that not only does Sharp use the phrase to denote performance, they’ve also trademarked it. Who knew (except for corporate America, obviously) that the stereotype could be such a selling point? I mean, we’re used to seeing the stereotype used in commercials and 80s music videos, but it’s usually the image of the librarian, not the institution itself that’s touted.

Now I’m just waiting for “library quiet” to become an ISO Standard for all products that push or pull air….

Bib Cite of the Day: The comes from one of the earliest members of the LL Bib Cite PosseJohn Clark, Library Systems Specialist with the Maine State Library:

“Perfect Cataloging every time” Hay Hodidodat, MLIS. In: Journal of Irreproducible Results V.13:5. P. 215-7, Sept. 1994.

What I’m Listening To: Too Bad About Your Girl by The Donnas. Always a sucker for a hot guitar lick.

What I’m Driving My Husband Crazy With: The opening of The Immigrant Song by Led Zep. You know–not the words, but the part that goes “Aaaaah-ah”? It’s amazing how quickly you can annoy loved ones with just that little cry sung over and over at roughly the decibel-level of a screaming baby.

Favorite New Yorker Cartoon of the Moment: The August 4, 2003 issue, p. 78, lower left-hand corner.

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  1. Brian
    Brian August 11, 2003 at 1:14 pm | | Reply

    Library-quiet? The place where I work often sounds like someone has The Immigrant Song cranked up at full vol. Or maybe it’s Communication Breakdown.

  2. Original Cyn
    Original Cyn August 15, 2003 at 2:46 pm | | Reply

    Yeah, I love that “quiet” stereotype. One of the libraries I work with recently created a Quiet Room, and all the patrons kept asking, “Why do you need a quiet room?” They frequently had to shout the question, due to Summer Reading Club going on all around them, which I found more amusing than I probably should have.

  3. gl.
    gl. August 15, 2003 at 3:30 pm | | Reply

    what? don’t ask? are you kidding? consider it asked!

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