Spamming the New Year

• As a public service to my fans (all three of you) for the new year, I decided to toss out some handy tips by which you may chose to employ at your own risk. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

• Being the cinematic equivalent of a hot librarian is something to be cherished. At least as much as free Wi-Fi.

• But if you’re the kind of hot librarian who has developed and distributed PowerPoint files concerning your hot-librarianness, your coworkers probably review this article after they’ve hit the delete button on your e-mails.

• Or maybe those coworkers tell you that you look like Denise Richards in glasses. Maybe that’s not such a compliment.

• Christmas bills staring you in the face? Try developing a signature scent for the hipster market.

• Need an action-packed comic about early spring mulching? Talk to this librarian.

Finally: Take a cue from Gwendolyn Taylor-Davis, 2002 New York Times Librarian of the Year, who loves kickin’ it old skool: