Should I Hate You?

Apparently a disgruntled (and anonymous) librarian posted on his or her reasons why they hate you (“you” being the public). The best one is patrons who turn your monitor around while you’re working on a questions so’s they can see what you’re doing–very nasty!

Though the list is trè bitter, I have to admit, on some level, I actually live for such behavior, if for nothing else, after you’ve calmed down, they make great war stories. I mean, how many of us librarians go to conferences just for the opportunity to roll their eyes and try to top a co-hort’s difficult patron story? I mean, how could you not love telling your comrade-in-arms about

  • a patron who asks to borrow scissors then returns them, telling you they’re glad they were finally able trim the tiny little hairs that grew over their top lip? (This happened to me yesterday.)

  • the fact that someone you helped at the reference desk two weeks ago is now the top story on the 11:00 news?

  • someone who wants the telephone number and address of the Bildenbergers, an international secret society that runs the world? (If they are a secret society, what makes you think I’d be able to find their phone number?)

And the list goes on and on….

Useful Beauty Tip of the Day: This one was ever-so-graciously e-mailed to me by Jane Kinkus, who I suspect is the Mathematics Librarian for Purdue University. I don’t know what H-bands are, but the name scares and titillates me at the same time:

In a pinch, rubber H-bands make excellent garters for holding up drooping stockings!!!

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  1. Malcolm X. Alonzo
    Malcolm X. Alonzo December 19, 2012 at 6:23 pm | | Reply

    LOL!! H-bands are the rubber bands (usually green) that one uses to band two or more books together. It does look like an ‘H.’ You can twist one end so the band goes around the top and sides of the books. Very secure.

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