Ringle, Ringle!

It’s that time of the year: hot chocolate, fanciful Christmas carols and the endless barrage of e-mails promising me free shipping until Christmas 2035. It’s also a time for reflection, particularly while watching the twentieth hour of Ice Storm 2005. I thought about all the things I was thankful for, though at the time I was mostly thankful my electricity stayed on, allowing me to watch footage of cars sliding across three lanes of highway for the rest of the night. So here’s what I’ve been thankful for during 2005:

  • Jeffrey Wright, who is quite simply the best actor today. Don’t believe me? Watch Angels in America. Watch Basquiat. Don’t like arty movies but want to see what I’m talking about? Heck–watch Shaft.
  • Turner Classic Movies: unlike the sixties and seventies when most television stations showed movies to fill up broadcast time, we lucky folks now get to watch into the wee hours such scintillating infomericals as the Spountin™ Faucet Fountain until Boohbah mercifully reappears the next morning. TCM saves us from drowning in a sea of chicken rotisseries by keeping the faith for classic movie lovers. Besides, how could you not love a station that touts an Alexander Korda tribute?
  • iPods: yes, it’s second-hand (my husband actually held onto his first one for almost a year before breaking down and buying the iPod Video) and reformatted, but it’s mine. Now I can listen to Kanye’s Golddigger and 20 gigs of other stuff whenever and wherever I want.
  • Jane Austen finally getting the props she always deserved. Up until the 1980s, it seemed the only attention the public gave her was her perennial listing as a must-read for teenage girls, ghettoizing her as a classic romance (i.e., irrelevant) writer. Not to diss romance fiction, but Jane’s works are so much more; so much so that it took about 200 years for us to catch up. Need proof? A mass-market paperback of Pride & Prejudice is ranked #415 in Amazon.com sales–pretty good for someone whose heyday was during the introduction of the steam engine.
  • More thankfulness later….(tomorrow, I hope!)

    Stock Up on Razzleberry Dressing! The Cartoon Network is showing Mister Magoo’s Christmas Carol at noon on Christmas Eve. If nothing else, you have to listen to the Merrill/Styne score to truly appreciate the spirit of Christmas (or at least Broadway-quality scoring). Now if only there was a typhoon a’comin….