Rationales ‘R Us

I’m back. Finally.

So why the long wait? Easy. The blog has turned into my own special little sisyphean nightmare. Or to paraphrase the Gay Librarian at the SLA GLIC Caucus meeting in Baltimore last week, after someone asked him why he didn’t post more often: they’re not just blog entries, they’re little essays.

And for those of us who spend most our working hours reciting what peer-reviewed academic articles are to that great undergraduate ocean (with the occasional graduate wave) that laps against the reference desk, we know one singular truth: essays are a pain in the tush.

Sure I could post moderately entertaining vignettes about bee stings or dying cars but that gets real old, even for me. So I wait until the inspiration to be hilarious/insightful/profound slaps me across my expensively moisturized cheeks, which means for the past few months, I’ve pretty much caught up on all the L&O Criminal Intent episodes I could stomach.

But my life hasn’t been a complete waste of time. To wit:

  • Realized a two-year dream of seeing Martin Fry/ABC in the overly-lit flesh at the Aladdin. The audience was teeny and my friend and I danced ridiculously enough to create a decided moat o’ space between us and the rest of the crowd. My friend, who never heard of ABC beforehand, wanted to follow them cross-country as groupies, but I had to inform her gently that the only thing they’d ask to do is their laundry.
  • Slogged through Lost by Gregory Maguire even though I kept falling asleep after two paragraphs every night.
  • Had a midlife crisis, which at this point has boiled down to losing seven pounds, wearing contact lenses again and searing my hair daily with a flat-iron.
  • Began slogging through The Bounty by Caroline Alexander, though I’m staying awake for pages, not paragraphs.

Library Blog Shout-Out du Jour: Like to welcome the Filipino Librarian to these semi-illustrious pages. Good luck in your PhD studies in Toronto and Mabuhay Pinoy!

Midlife Crush du Jour: Xzibit. Yeah, he’s gangstary and all, but ‘ya just gotta love it when he laughs on Pimp My Ride.

Question That Shouldn’t be Answered du Jour: Asked my husband if he wished his girlfriend was hot like me. He replied that just as soon as she gets out of the correctional center and gets her teeth fixed, she should be.