Prove to Me You’re a True Lipstick Librarian

Since I first uploaded my site waaaay back in 1997, the second-most asked question I get is:

What is a lipstick librarian and can I be one?

(Okay; that’s two questions, but as librarians, we’re very practiced at squeezing as much as possible out of so little.)

As to the first part of the question, I’m tempted to say that if you have to ask, then I think you have your answer. But if you insist on becoming an insta-LL, then here’s your chance:

Donate to the Red Cross. NOW. Or–donate to any organization that is helping out with the disaster efforts for Hurricane Katrina.

And if you really want to look exquisite whilst being altruistic, then buy one of my many splendid products at my store. All proceeds for September and October will be donated to the Red Cross. And if proceeds reach over $100, I’ll post a pix of me lookin’ all gansta-like in a LL t-shirt (yes, I know that’s pretty lame challenge, but you don’t want a pix of me modeling a thong–trust me.)

What I’m Watching When Not Glued to the News Channels: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Some middling deity help me, but any show that devotes an episode to two guys thinking that picking up chicks at an anti-abortion rally is a fine idea is darned good television in my world….

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