Precocious is as Precocious Does

My geek-chic-lovin’ friend strode into work the other day wearing a suspiciously new concert t-shirt. Not wanting to cripple what little pop-culture cred I have with a member of the microbrew ‘n felting set, I pretended to be down with my local rep of All Things Indie: “The Decemberists, I see.” Who says I’m not the master of the noncommittal comment?

“Yeah,” he replied, “I’m a sucker for the whole lit rock thing.” Truth be told, he didn’t really say that. He did launch into a lengthy exposition about the relevancy of the band to his generation–something to do with pirates, accordions and the American Civil War, I think, but by that point I had wandered away in search of freebie M&M’S® in the library administration office.

But six hours later (after several loads of laundry and a Very Special Episode of Celebrity Fit Club) he did get me to thinking: maybe I can use this lit rock idea for good, to support the profession in our never-ending quest for relevancy with the Wii-boxers out there. After all, if the millennials are willing to stare at teeny backlit screens to text their interpretations of lyrics to all BFFs in the middle of a Mountain Goats show, why not leverage the self-absorbed angst? Heck–it’s easier than chasing down teens and trying to slap temporary “reading is dope” tattoos as they flee the last round of Dance Dance Revolution in the YA section.

Next Time: A Very Special Lit Rock Guide for Librarians

Be Careful What You Declaim Dept: Remember my assertion that being a librarian is the perfect foil for those with criminal inclinations? It seems now we’re either a magnet for crime or more frighteningly, a possible long-time propagator of it.

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