Seattle Bound

Heading to ACRL in Seattle this week. In the interim, check out a demo of an iPhone application that tells people around you to shut up when you deem them too noisy. Want to guess the name of the app?… Read the rest

Love is a (Funny) Battlefield

A little late this year, but here’s the SFGate‘s Leah Garchik’s salute to All Things Valentine’s Day:

Finally, something bittersweet.

Happy Valentine’s Day, folks.… Read the rest

25 Random Things About Me, or: Facebook is Ruining My Life

It’s official: Facebook is my new overlord.

After an avalanche of tags from FB friends infected with the “25 Random Things” meme, I finally succumbed and duly posted mine. I tried fending it off with the “Pointless Facts” entry, but the FB gods were not appeased, evidenced by the fact that every time I checked my e-mail account, there were at least ten tag notices for this little exercise.

So in the interest of laying this … Read the rest

To All My Facebook Friends and Fans….

Just posted this tonight on my Facebook page after getting one too many invites/tags/pokes (superpokes, no less). If you have a Facebook page, you might just relate.

(Note: some of these are true–can you guess which ones?)

10 Pointless Facts About Me

It’s finally happened–you’ve been tagged, probably from some Facebook friend who picked you because they didn’t want to piss off their real friends. Now you’re stuck with a task that’s more annoying than trying to shoo … Read the rest

Feliz WTF?

I’m back. Finally.

Yes, I know it’s been a while, but it’s funny how life insists on getting in the way.

I promise I’ll resume posting soon, but in the interim, why not make it a fabulous new year for the good people of Dafur? The folks at Book Wish have a holiday campaign to for books for Darfur refugees. Give $1 for each book received as a holiday gift and help raise funds for library construction, English textbooks … Read the rest