If you’re going to San Francisco….

Last night I watched a fabulous documentary: The Cockettes, the story about a group of straight, gay, black, white, whatever group of hippies in San Francisco who put together a life celebrating peace, love and sequins. They were more than just a drag troupe: they were souls dedicated in expressing who they truly were inside. Though they’re best known for wearing jumbles of feathers and beads, dressing up in women’s clothes wasn’t the point–it was the celebration of the … Read the rest

My So Called Real Life

Quite a few entries ago I promised to give the world a taste of what my real life was like. After much soul-searching and an entire roll of Nestlè Toll-House refrigerated cookie dough, I’ve decided to come clean, wipe the semi-sweet chocolate smear off my face, and show everyone just what kind of big pimpin’ life I lead:… Read the rest

Freaky Keyword Fiesta

Though I check my logs religiously, I don’t check my keyword referrals all that often–until today. In all honesty, I must say you guys are seriously weird. Why? Look at how ya’all are finding me on the web (and to quote Dave Barry, I am not making this up):… Read the rest

You Sexy Thang

Gotta admit: there’s not a whole lot going on: right now I have a headache that’s in it’s fourth day, with no signs of dissipating. So what do I do? I go for my favorite time-killer: searching craigslist.org‘s personals for ads from those oh-so-lonelyhearts looking for a librarian to love. It’s amazing how the term “librarian” pops up with frightening regularity from those looking for someone who are as socially maladjusted as they are.

Why “socially maladjusted”? After carefully … Read the rest

andy46477 Gives Good Feedback

Paul, an old friend of mine from my UC Davis days recently sent me a very interesting link: Ebay feedback comments left by someone with the ID andy46477. The best part is that he apparently gives it to sellers and buyers regardless of whether or not he’s done business with them. In fact, I’d hazard to say s/he leaves feedback for people they’ve never done business with. Here’s one of my favorites:… Read the rest