The Tired Librarian

At a time when the gold standard for edgy librarianess is announcing in clinical detail what lengths one will go to obtain an iPad on the social networking milieu of choice during an ALA conference, the message is clear:

I am officially behind the curve.

Because of the profound blow this realization delivered to my pop culture psyche, I vowed to come up to speed stat. So in the interests of full librarian stereotype disclosure, I bring you…

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When Vendor Tote Bags Collide….

Observations of ALA 2010 or what I now like to call Death March with ProQuest Popsicles. Sadly I don’t have much to say other than the fact most of my time was sucked up by committee work and my struggles to locate Filene’s despite Yelp’s insistence it’s sitting in the middle of the National Mall reflecting pool.

Washington DC Itself:

  • There must be some ordinance mandating a minimum number of women carrying yoga mats per block. Sucking on a
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Death March With Trade Paperbacks*

On the eve of ALA in DC, Mme.Karen Schneider and Stephen “Always on the Lookout” Abram have posted their survival guides on getting through the upcoming gauntlet. As veterans of ALAs past, both of them have pretty much cover the bases.

But not all.

So without delay (or clue), here are my humble submissions as to What Not To Do at ALA10:

  • Cramming the vendor business card fishbowls with actual goldfish makes it difficult for them to
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Spamming the New Year

• As a public service to my fans (all three of you) for the new year, I decided to toss out some handy tips by which you may chose to employ at your own risk. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

• Being the cinematic equivalent of a hot librarian is something to be cherished. At least as much as free Wi-Fi.

• But if you’re the kind of hot librarian who has developed and … Read the rest

The Truth About Sex and Librarians

Everyone wants to have sex with a librarian.

Or it seems like everyone wants to flirt, date, sleep with, or just plain hit on librarians, even other librarians, apparently. Why the sudden interest in our profession as a potential booty call farm team? Maybe it’s due to the fact that in the past few years, the stereotype has evolved an interesting wrinkle: the winsome lass with the ironically prim fashion sense and a brain–though truth be … Read the rest