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Finally bought myself a G-ride last Saturday to replace the late, lamented Jetta: a 2003 silver Honda Civic. It was tough finding one with such an unusual color, but we managed to locate one. Now all I have to do is figure out how to trick it out tastefully so I can find it amongst the sea of all those other silver Honda Civics one finds in parking lots across America. Maybe I should tart it up ala Fast and the Furious? Or just slap on one of those ever-so-lovely Calvin stickers–the one where he’s peeing? If I were really true to the profession, I’d hang at least a score of library conference lanyards and badges (complete with roundtable pins) from the rear-view mirror. I’m sure it wouldn’t be safe, but they could sure as heck identify me….

Shushing Backlash: It was bound to happen: librarians are protesting the look and shushing action of the library action figure. In theory, it’s a great idea–a humorous figure designed to show that librarians are people too. The problem was it portrayed the worst suspicion of who we are: spinterish gatekeepers with an unhealthy obsession for silence. We all know it’s a joke (at least I think we do), but I don’t think the public sees it that way. I do feel for Nancy Pearl; she doesn’t deserve the bashing she’s receiving over this and I’m sure she thought she was furthering the image of the profession. I believe she did this with the best of intentions, but as we all know, the black lace corset of hell is laced with good intentions.

Tip of the Day: This one comes from a Mr. Philip Wahl, who was kind enough to send this timely tip:

When you encounter a hole or run in your CK black opaques, simply and subtly color the peek-a-boo leg with a black marker (not a Sharpie, mind) – it will wash right off. No one will accuse YOU of fashion neglect. And, you will certainly appear pulled together as you ascend the stacks.

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