No Mas!

It started out so innocently.

Like a lot of you, I began checking out the social networking hubbub featured on just about every library discussion list. Judging from the postings, not only would social networking and other Web 2.0 tools make me a Better Librarian, I would never be lost, or at the very least bereft of new places to order shoes. So I signed up for a MySpace account.

No big deal at first. The bulk of my MySpace existence centered around locating pages for SF bands that I knew or video paeans to the glories of shoes shopping (sensing a theme here?). The only problem I wrestled with was a message from someone whom I suspected wanted me to give her discreet dirt on her ex-boyfriend, who at the time was listed as a friend. No biggie.

But like a lot of late-blooming baby boomers, I lost interest in the MySpace thing. Other than adding friends semi-indiscriminately, there wasn’t much point to visiting the site.

Then Facebook and Ning came along….

(to be continued)

The Other Best Quote from The Office Season Dept: It’s nice to know Kelly has plans for the future:

What is so stupid about wanting to name a baby Usher?

What I’m Listening To: The Dansettes/Black Hollies cover of Deep Purple‘s Hush. As many a ten-year old would proclaim after listening to Far East Network Radio in the late sixties, it’s tough!

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