My Fifteen Minutes of Political Fame

Not sure why, but yesterday was an alignment of fame planets day (or for Repo Man aficionados out there, a plate of shrimp moment) for the LL: shout-outs in the DailyKos and Wonkette, albeit in comments.

What’s interesting is each example illustrates how Lipstick Librarianness is now shorthand for two views of women: DailyKos reflects the intelligent/hottie thingy view. Wonkette? Smart women who are not dumpy looking. Or dumpy looking no more. But what’s really depressing is that both reflect how so many of us are still inclined to tie women’s achievements to their looks, as inadvertent or backhanded the comment may be.

Okay; I’m being touchy, but maybe it’s because the Winter-2007-storm-of-the-Century dog-and-pony-show keeps promising us snow, but there’s nary a flake, other than the one typing this posting.

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