Monday LibraryLand Roundup

Blockbuster We Ain’t Dept: I do think there’s much more going with the librarians at Sacramento Public Library than just being angry about the purchase of thirty copies of Jackass 2. I get the feeling there’s been a lot of resentment about several issues that have been simmering for some time. I would love to hear from folks at SPL for their side(s).

I’ve confessed to using some odd items for bookmarks but this is ridiculous.

Ever wonder if your brilliant e-mail missives will be lost and forgotten? Not if the British Library has anything to say about it.

Isn’t it comforting to know that librarians aren’t the only ones who avoid conflict?

I shudder to say this, but my assessment about librarians and crime has been proven tragically wrong.

Heavenly Cocktails with Gene Rayburn Dept: Charles Nelson Reilly, of snappy neckerchief and Match Game bon mots fame, has passed on to the eternal Goodson-Todman game show in the sky. Watching CNR on the show was the reason I turned down a summer job at the Nut Tree after my senior year in high school. That and my inability to get out of bed before 10:00 am….

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  1. K.G. Schneider
    K.G. Schneider May 29, 2007 at 6:12 am | | Reply

    Absolutely, the content issues are usually proxies for other stuff… which makes it all the worse.

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