Mme. LL Jumps on a Yet Another New Trend

Yes, the LL has capitulated and decided to join the endless chatter that is the web. Now you can learn the dishy details that make up the LL’s life, such as

  • whether or not I’ll be sitting next to Brad Pitt at the Stella McCarthy’s fall fashion show
  • if I really did wrestle with Cameron Diaz over the last of the jumbo prawns at the Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle premiere
  • was I really approached to be Arnold Schwarzenegger’s campaign manager for the California governorship? And
  • did the cat run away because I switched from Tender Vittles to that generic dry crap?

Yes, you too can be privy to these and other juicy tidbits via Mme. LL’s new web log The Days & Nights of the Lipstick Librarian! And to celebrate, here’s the very first LL citation I received from the library masses–this one’s from Kristen Valyi-Hax, systems librarian with Suburban Library Cooperative in Clinton Township, Michigan:

“Serials Union Lists: Useful Information Resource or Tool of Satan?” Daily Devotions for Librarians, October 1995, pp. 36-42.

Stay tuned……

Special Guest Star Appearances: Oregon Library Association Support Staff Division Conference, July 18th, Keizer, Oregon

What I’m listening to:
Crazy in Love by Beyoncé and Jay-Z
The woman in the office next door singing Happy Birthday to her 10-year old son