Maybe There is a God – #2 in a Series

Every once in great while, we librarians get teeny signs from the heavens that we actually matter.

Like tears streaming from a statue of the Virgin Mary or Jesus’ face on a tortilla, we occasionally read of wondrous happenings, such as this report from the Contra Costa Times about Richmond, California high school students striking over the school board’s decision to eliminate sports and library closures. De Anza High School student Ana Salguera states

We have the right to protest the cuts because we’re the ones being educated in the schools….We’re the future of this country and we shouldn’t have to do without counselors, sports or libraries.

So we’re third on the list. At least we made the list.

She does go on to say that libraries are not only where she does research for homework, but also where she gets computer access to write term papers

The next time, who knows? We may be confronted with the true sign of the apocalypse: a teenager wanting to do all his research in print.

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