Make Way for Robert McCloskey….

It saddens me to think that the author of one of my all-time favorite children’s books is now gone. Robert McCloskey, author of Make Way for Ducklings died Monday at age 88. One of my fondest memories is sitting in my elementary school library at Yokota Air Force Base, Japan reading Homer Price and marvelling over his spelling of the word “doughnut”. To this day, every time I drive past a Dunkin’ Donuts, I think of Robert McCloskey’s spelling, go in, cry, and buy a dozen old-fashions with chocolate icing. Well, okay; I don’t exactly cry, but those old-fashions *are* pretty killer….

LL Bib of the Day:
A shout-out goes to Anne Prestamo, Head of Digital Library Serivices at Oklahoma State University for her dedication in futhering LL research by coming up with a few choice titles.

I particularly like number two:

  • Catalogers are from Mars, Reference Librarians are from Venus
  • Buns of Steel: Hairstyle Essentials for Librarians
  • Debbie Does Dewey
  • Discreet Food: Quiet & Odorless Food for Snacking on the Job

Until next time….

Mme. LL

What I’m Listening to:
Crazy in Love for the umpteeenth time
The Last Song by the All American Rejects, but only because my husband is trying to sneak in a few MTV videos behind my back….

What I’m Reading:
The instruction manual to my Ryobi rototiller. Ever try to rototill in denim espadrilles?

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