Mackin’ on Mental Cupcakes

Due to the complex interplay of paid leave, aberrant web surfing and leftover Christmas treats, I’ve managed to move my bedtime well past 1:00 am. Last night was the record–3:11 am (in many ways the pre-digital world was so much better). I am, as my husband remarked when I woke him up at 3:13, “reverting to the feral Linda“. But my semi-hallucinatory state is your entertainment gain. Herewith are just some of the epiphanies I experienced last night:

Why The Web Will be Our Downfall Dept: I’ve seen the future and it involves our mass disintegration into a puddle of cuteness.

Why at Least Librarianship Will Survive Dept: My fellow classmate from library school Jerome McDonough has a new blog. Like Jerry, I too have stayed awake at night (at least until 3:11 am) wondering why the heck we don’t have tools implementing full UCS-4 support for digital libraries. That and whether or not Dick Clark will actually make an appearance on this year’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve….