Kathy Griffin Has Nothing Over Me

In the past few months there’s been a preoccupation in LibraryBlogLand over the popularity of librarian blogs. Some of this is no doubt driven by the PubSub Librarian List. But the real genesis of our preoccupation? Why, none other than M. Crawford’s seminal LBR (librarian blog ranking) article Investigating the Biblioblogosphere in last September’s Cites & Insights.

Before I begin, I want to establish one thing: I think Walt has done us a great service by his relentless analysis of our borderline OCD-like need to talk about what we do–in my world that’s akin to counting patrons entering a library for an hour or listening to Tom Cruise lecture on sonograms. But two things struck me: one is that Walt deemed me an…essayist, of all things. Now I’ve been called a lot of things, terms usually accompanied by eye-rolling or resigned sighing, but an “essayist”? I kinda like it, though judging from his definition, it’s a very diplomatic way of saying I need to get to the point.

The second thing? No other way to put it except bluntly: in LibraryLand, I am a decided D-Lister. The Totie Fields of the information retrieval profession. Or, if you like, the Billy Bush of reference service. In the biblioblogosphere world of Britneys, I don’t even rate as a Christina. Not too easy on the ego.

But wait–is that such a bad thing? Stay tuned….

PS: You gotta hand it to Walt–he knows how to give good titles. I wonder just how many hits he’s incurring with that one….

What I’m Listening To: Ladytron’s Destroy Everything You Touch. I’ve played the damn thing so much my husband is threatening to send my iPod to Namibia as a baby gift for Brangelina. I doubt that they’ll take it unless it’s at least accompanied by a Bose® SoundDock….