Jack Tripper & the Man in Black

I want to make a final shout-out to two of my favorite artists: Johnny Cash and John Ritter. My earliest memories of Johnny Cash is listening to A Boy Named Sue on Armed Forces Radio. For some reason it always seemed I heard that song around Christmas in Okinawa, which was enough of a schizophrenic experience in of itself (80° weather on Christmas Eve, skinny, vaguely Confucius-looking Santa dolls hanging in Japanese stores, not to mention having nothing to do but watch the Gene Barry 1960 Christmas Special every day of my Christmas vacation).

The one that really hurts is John Ritter’s passing: I was in college when Three’s Company premiered. I watched the show on lonely, wet week nights during winter term when I couldn’t get up enough energy to ride my bike to the library. I feel a little kinship with the show simply because to this day some people think I look like Joyce DeWitt (hey–it’s better than the other celeb I’m told I look like: Brenda Vacarro). His death just makes me feel a tiny bit older….

Well–we’re leaving on vacation tomorrow–ten days on the road to California and back. We’re going to spend six days holed up in a bed-and-breakfast in Sutter Creek, California doing nothing but reading (I didn’t become a librarian for nothing). Then we’re driving back to Oregon, stopping to see a few plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon. During this time I hope not to encounter a single computer, but who am I kidding? I’ll probably start jonesin’ for my e-mail two hours after we leave the house.

See you in ten days…eleven if you’re lucky.

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  1. alicia
    alicia September 17, 2003 at 9:27 am | | Reply

    hey! you’ll be in our neck of the woods! if you decide to go out, i highly recommend the tour of the sutter gold mine. http://www.caverntours.com/sgmt.html

    we went there for my birthday and it totally rocked! have a great time….

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