It’s All About the Lau Lau

I’m back from vacation, but before I resume my irregularly scheduled blogging, a few shout-outs to Hawaii, namely:

  • My friend Patty, an all-around groovy girl and founding member of Those Darned Accordions, livin’ la vida Maui. Not only did she provide the critical saimin hookup and instructed me on the finer points of killing centipedes, she introduced me to guri-guri and, more importantly…
  • Peanut Butter Manju from Home Maid Bakery. What is manju? It’s a little cakey thing usually filled with sweetened red bean paste and is very popular in Japan. My sister and mother were manju fanatics; I pretty much could take it or leave it–actually, mostly leave it. Until I discovered HMB’s crispy PB manju–it’s like a divine mini-PB pie. I wound up bringing four packages back to the mainland and cursed myself during the plane ride home for not bringing back more. The ube sponge cake wasn’t too shabby either….
  • Not that it was all about the food, but I do want to give a heart-shaped spam musubi shout-out the Hawaii State Public Library System, particularly the folks at the Hawaii State Library in Honolulu. Squirreled away those bibliographies on local food and Hawaiian history in my carry-on bag. (And yes, I did succumb to yet another busman’s holiday in an internationally renowned vacation spot.)
  • Finally, a mahalo to all the tourists who were on the islands the same time as me. Between the crispy tanned skin and the interesting interpretations as to what constitutes island wear, I was practically invisible in my black bermudas and 45+ sun block. But I did learn a valuable lesson: who knew there were so many permutations when it comes to man boobs?

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  1. cindy
    cindy October 23, 2007 at 12:27 pm | | Reply

    please share finer points of killing centipedes! i cannot live in peace with anything that has 100 legs!!!

  2. The LL
    The LL October 23, 2007 at 12:41 pm | | Reply

    ‘ya either stick them down the garbage disposal or run them under hot water. Either way, pick them up with chopsticks, not with your fingers.

    ‘Nuff said–


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