It’s A Man’s World-The Final Chorus

The semi-serious thoughts about men as our professional prognosticators? Simple: acculturation. Like just about everything in our lives, we’ve fallen into the Old Habits: women as multitaskers, doing the less-than-glamourous jobs like, oh, let’s see, making sure the institutional lights are on, worrying if there’s going to be enough money to be around the next fiscal year, things like that. Men do worry/deal with these issues, of course, but for some reason they don’t seem to be quite as consumed with these issues as women become. For whatever reason I still cannot quite articulate, men seem to be able to set aside (or sidestep entirely) mundane issues and do some serious navel-gazing. Add to it the fact that technology has always been a male bastion and what do we get? We get seven men and one women at the LITA Top Tech Trends Panel at ALA.

But the issue that truly bothers me is this: why do we librarians almost reflexively turn to men when it comes to leadership/vision? In the past ten-odd years as a librarian, I’ve seen men with with average (and sometimes marginal) skills rise to the top faster than Google can scan books. Is it for the reason stated above? Or because men in librarianship are so few and far between that we enshrine the ones who enter the profession? Or is it because we subconsciously devalue ourselves for whatever reason in favor of men? It’s these questions I ponder when I’m in the inextricably long line in the women’s restroom at a library conference….

Tired of Hearing “What Are You?” Now’s your chance to to let the world know, or at least: Dr. Diana Sanchez of Rutgers University. Dr. Sanchez is conducting research on racial identification and the experiences of multiracial descent. Her research group is looking for people of multiracial descent to participate in a ten-minute survey of their experiences. There’s not a whole lot of research in this area, so I urge those of you who fit the criteria to take the time to fill out the questionnaire.