It Didn’t Happen

Well, my head didn’t swell to the size of the Goodyear Blimp due to the bee sting; all I got was a small itchy rash and a limp that lasted for a few hours, just long enough for me to milk it for all it’s worth before my husband caught on (he saw me sneak a dash to the bathroom). He did, however forgive me enough to fetch me a Silhouette ice cream sandwich while I was laying on the sofa watching the premiere of Banzai.

Irksome Portrayal of Libraries/Librarians (number one in a series): I was watching…

Law & Order: Criminal Intent last night; there was a scene in which the main characters check with the public library to get the circulation records of a murder victim–and they get them with nary a fight, as if were routine for libraries to divulge circulation records to the authorities. You see it over and over again in television and movies, but what makes this particularly annoying is that Robert Goren, the Vincent D’Onofrio character, is the son of a librarian. You’d think the producers would do a little homework if they want to portray a character who was raised by a librarian….

LL Bib Cite of the Day: This one comes from Christopher “Shatzee” Platt, who, rumor has it, has been known to associate with the Ska Librarian:

“HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE: Ten Top Business Librarians Tip You
Off to Getting the Most Out of Your Reference Interviews”,
COSMOLIBRARIAN, October 1997, pp 22-42.

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