Is Your Librarian Wearing a Blue Cardigan?

Still not convinced librarians and gang members have similar inclinations? More evidence, to wit:

  • Gangs organize around race or ethnic group, money-making activities or territories.
  • Librarians will not only organize around the aforementioned criteria, they’ll pick ILS’, disagreements over library conference locations, and a mutual suspicion of serials catalogers as reasons to create a new social network.
  • Gangs claim a particular area of town which they call their “turf”. They spend much of their time fighting rival gangs to keep them out of this territory.
  • Librarians claim a particular area of the profession they call “associations” or “divisions“. They spend much of their time developing Powerpoint presentations to keep other librarians thanking their lucky stars they decided upon another specialty.
  • In gangs, females are moving away from the traditional role of being merely girlfriends, forming their own gangs
  • In librarianship, males are moving away from their traditional roles of being merely librarian directors and gurus, forming their own cliques as systems librarians as evidenced by the slightly longer lines for the men’s restrooms at ASIS&T Conferences.
  • “Gangsta” rap paints a realistic picture of daily gang activity. The lyrics glorify violence and abuse of women and promote disrespect for authority, especially the police.
  • Library webcasts paint a realistic picture of the kinds of arcane/convoluted questions librarians will ask before they decide to implement a new technology or procedure that may promote eye rolling from beleaguered library assistants

I rest my case.

Let’s Go Do Some Crimes Dept: In the past I’ve posted about how being a librarian is the perfect cover for committing crimes. Looks like someone out there took it to heart.

Let’s Go Do Some Jams Dept: We all know the New York Times sees us as post-millennial darlings. Do you think their vision included roller derby?

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