Is That the World’s Smallest Violin I Hear?

A friend of mine recently expressed his admiration for a fellow student in his Latin class: “She’s got the nerd-chic look”.

Great. When I was sportin’ it not too many years ago, it was known by a different name: dork. And it wasn’t one that attracted a whole lot of favorable male attention, or any attention at all. Now it’s a de rigueur look of Hipster Nation.

Why do I bring this up? Because it’s the perfect illustration of something that’s plagued me for as long as I can remember: accidental trendsetting.

That’s right: I’m a trendsetter. Who knew the things that freaked me out in my childhood and teens are now très cool? Don’t believe me? The evidence forthwith:

  • Childhood Obesity: I was definitely the forerunner in this area: since the 1960s only 4% of children were considered obese; now it’s 15%. Then I was subjected to the horrors of cyclamates and Sears Chubby Girls clothing. These days girls with weight problems are called “plus size” and have their own lines at GapKids and Torrid.
  • Left-Handed: Once considered the Mark of Satan, today it’s part of the bragging rights for the wired set. In other words it’s the intellectual equivalent of claiming you’re part Native American. What did I get out of being left-handed? Crappy hand-writing, “special” scissors and endless sighing when my mother tried teaching me to knit.
  • Snarkiness: In high school I was the go-to gal when it came to withering (and with luck, funny) comments, which pretty much resulted in my being labeled as the school “feminist”, code amongst the guys for undatable. Nowadays I notice whenever I make a purchase in the DVD/Latte/Bookstore universe, I’m also treated to a mini-Josh Whedonesque tableau from the sales folk at no extra charge.

So–for all you Gen-X’ers and Millennials out there: it’s trailblazers like me who made the world a safer place for inert slackerdom.

You’re welcome.

What I’m Listening To: Zamia Lehmmani: Songs of Byzantine Flowers by SPK. My husband is begging me to stop and to please for the love of god bring back my Basement Jaxx obsession….