Injured in the Line of Duty

As I was just about to turn on the sprinkler this evening I was stung by a bee–the first bee sting since I was 10-years old, which was…er, let’s just say a few scant years ago. As I was waiting for the anaphilaxic shock to kick in, I began wondering: what makes libraries and librarians funny? (Actually, I was wondering how long it would take to rush me to Emergency before my head was the size of a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade float, but a gal’s gotta keep her wits about her.) That’s the topic I’m supposed to address this coming Friday. I’ve got a dim idea of what’s funny; after all, what other public institution trusts the public so much that they let them take whatever wares they offer for free and trusts them to bring them back by a specific date? Or the fact that we have to come up with an answer to just about any question asked of us? Not to mention the fact that whenever some crazed collection development librarian decides that the library simply cannot function without a lifetime subscription to a interior design magazine for pets that comes wrapped in the fabric of the month, some poor cataloger has to come up with a way to describe it. ‘Ya gotta admit, we work in very strange places….

On the flip side, however, we librarians love it all, despite our protests; we live for that moment when someone comes up and asks for a photograph of Shakespeare or wants the phone number for the Hapsburgs (that happened to me). We can’t wait to rush back to our non-librarian friends, filling them in on every minute detail, not noticing their eyes lolling back into their heads, desperate for us to GET TO THE POINT. And when they discover that the story was the point, they give us the same look of stunned pity they would give a group of Trekkers arguing over what brand eyeliner the evil Captain Kirk wore in Enemy Within. Uh–not that I know about such things….

Is there a point to all this? I’m sure I could come up with one if it weren’t for the fact that I sucked down five bottles of liquid Benadryl for children and a diet Pepsi Twist. My head may not swell up and explode, but my stomach might…

BT of the Day: This one comes courtesy of Marge Checkley, toiling away in the Booth Library at Easter Illinois University:

How about those lovely, sensible shoes most librarians have to wear to
keep from totally losing control of there feet while traveling those
many miles up & down stacks and all around the library? Get some
stickers with cutesy sayings or paint them with temper paints with any
message you want. EX.- The lecture room is in room 142, the bathrooms
are down the hall. etc. etc.

What I’m Still Reading: The Anubis Gates. Haven’t yet come to the part that freaks me out so much that I have to wake up my husband to check the bathroom, but I figure that’ll happen tomorrow night….

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