I’m baaack…..

Well, I did manage to eat as much dim sum as humanly possible in San Francisco. In case you’re wondering, “humanly possible” costs $62. Of course, I didn’t eat all of it–my nearest and dearest friend Guy had a coke.

Things I learned in SF:

  • The dot-com/hipster nation contingent is almost all gone. Looks like Banana Republic is going to find another use for those chunky black turtlenecks and messenger bags.
  • Just about every store in Chinatown carries mah jong sets and I must have looked at every one of them.
  • There’s not a single clothing/flower/card/whatever store in the Castro that opens before 11:00 am on a Monday–except for Pottery Barn, of course.
  • The facial hair configuration of the moment in the Castro is eerily similar to that of the narcoleptic Argentinean in Moulin Rouge.

The LL at the Movies: Saw Terminator 3 today. The plus side was that it had the requisite amount of car chase scenes and blow-ups. The downside it was pretty much all car chase scenes and blow-ups–that and a naked Arnold Schwarzenegger–eeesh!. And yet again, librarians were not portrayed accurately during critical plot points. Come to think of it, they weren’t portrayed at all….

Fake Quote of the Week About Librarians: this comes courtesy of President George W. Bush via Anis Shivani:

"It was her or booze, and I made the second-best decision of my life. The best was to marry her. I married up, you know. I married a librarian."

What I’m Listening To:

Move Your Feet by Junior|Senior
September Song sung by Lotte Lenya, since I’m feeling a ‘mite Knickerbocker Holiday-ish these days….

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