I’m A Super Freak

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time (all three of you), you may have noticed my constant references to hip-hop and soul. How does a fortysomething, Amerasian librarian come to love such things?

It’s very simple: it’s my sister’s fault.

To explain, I must harken back to the halcyon days of the seventies, when Precious Moments figurines ruled the land and blacklight “Keep on Truckin” posters were had by all. I was a delicate, dorky thing, given to reading Star Trek novels and wearing fifty-cent Kmart Blue Light Specials dresses my mother bought. My sister, though almost two years younger than me, was light-years ahead in terms of–socialization. I can still see her in her bedroom, surrounded by her white princess bedroom set from Levitz, pawing through her Frye boots, looking for the bottle of Barcardi 151 she and her pom-pom gal-pals bought the Friday night before. Memories…..

So while I was trying to hook rubbberbands around my headgear and slog through QB VII for the naughty bits, my sister began hanging out with the cool crowd in high school–Filipino, Guamanian and Latino kids–the “brown” kids (as they called themselves) who were in my class, but had no idea who I was or that my sister and I were even related. And because she looked like (and still looks like) a vaguely-Asian version of Janet Jackson, she was insanely popular. (How popular? The first person I met in college was a guy who recognized my sister as she was helping me move into the dorm.)

Besides eternal search for keggers at a friend’s house in Green Valley, what did the cool crowd and my sister have in common? A deep abiding love for Rufus and Earth, Wind and Fire….

(To be continued)

Cite of the Day:

This one comes courtesy from the spring-forward mind of Pam Deemer with the MacMillan Law Library at Emory University:

“Grand Entrances: Dress Up Your Basic Main Entry With Fanciful and Daring Added Entries In This Season’s Kicky New Colors!” In Cosmopolitan Cataloger, October 1997, p. [36-45] : col. ill.

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  1. Kevin Miller
    Kevin Miller February 18, 2004 at 11:14 pm | | Reply

    How did my web site get involved in all this??? 🙂

  2. Greg
    Greg February 19, 2004 at 4:11 pm | | Reply

    But, yo, wat da hook gon be?

  3. Chairman Miao
    Chairman Miao February 23, 2004 at 2:39 pm | | Reply

    Look at the bright side — you get to live in pdx whereas your sister is stuck in Orlando.

    Oh, and what do you mean you *were* a delicate and dorky thing….

    Aw heck, I just wanted you to go to the URL I posted… made my day…

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