If You Were a Annotated Bibliography….

My friend Jerry recently blogged about a questionnaire posed to the UIUC library school faculty, sort of a get-to-know-us-as-just-plain-folks kind of thing, rather than a we-can-dash-your-career-dreams-in-a-wink scenario that so many of us fear, particularly after wrestling with C Programming for two straight semesters…. But I digress.

Jerry’s responses are very entertaining, but it made me think: why hasn’t someone come up with questions we’ve been dying to ask of our colleagues? The ones that reveal hella more about us than we’d like to admit? As a public service to all my lib peeps (not to mention the fact that it gives me material for at least ten more posts), I will be rolling out my don’t-ask-but-do-tell questions over the next few weeks along with my responses. And since I don’t accept comments on this blog (looong story), feel free to send me your responses, anon or not, and I’ll post ’em.

So without further ado–

Question One: What book freaked you out the most as a child?

Would it surprise you I have at least four of them? I didn’t think so. Just think of me as Roz Chast, but without the talent:

The Bible: the first non-comic book I ever looked at. It was dusky green with marbled edges and lavishly illustrated. The problem? The lavish illustrations. It came with several horrific (and antiquated) images, but the worst? A picture of Jesus with his heart resting outside his body. It wasn’t a symbolic heart, but an anatomically correct heart, compleat with veins and arteries. And since I had very little Christian training at that age, I had no idea why someone would have their heart in that condition and be so serene about it.

The rest of the freakouts and questions later….

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