I Lied….

…about writing about my real life, at least for this particular entry. I would, but it’s too darn hot. It’s Underwire-bra sweaty hot. Forget exercising in an air-conditioned gym hot. Even though I spent my teens and twenties in the Sacramento Valley, I’m no longer used to asphalt-stickin’, rash-rasing heat anymore. No one’s even trying to assuage their misery with a half-hearted “At least it’s a dry heat“.

I have to admit, I do miss that summer Cali weather: the golden hills, the smell of mustard weed and manzanita trees. As a transplanted Californian, I wince when someone dismisses California for not being green enough for them. Let’s just say that living in California ain’t for the faint-of-heart–that’s why I moved my (at the time) considerably large rear-end to Oregon. That and the fact that at the time my job choices in SF were working as a librarian for the same salary as an entry-level receptionist or actually working as a receptionist. It was not good.

Please don’t bomb me with “so-move-back-to-California” comments–I didn’t move up with the massive bling-bling and buy the biggest house I could find at the time. Besides, all things considered, I’d rather be on Okinawa.

Cite of the Day: This one comes courtesy of “M.Giuliani” (your secret is safe with me!):

Giuliani, M. “From Barcodes to Bracodes: Clever ways to circulate almost
anything.” _CFT: Circulation Fundamentals Today_ 12 (1997), pp.57-68

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  1. Zou Gou
    Zou Gou July 31, 2003 at 12:20 pm | | Reply

    Too… much… information…

    underwire bra sweaty? Yech.

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