I ♥ Libraries

A few Valentine’s Day observations:

Leah Garchik of SFGate.com lists some Valentine’s Day missives from the post-millennium world.

This year’s new words for Necco’s Sweethearts® candies include a conjunction and a stop word. Think they’re wising up to the lucrative Boolean searching market?

Blake Carver at LISNews.org reports Michael Gorman will be retiring next year. Despite the latest controversy, I’ll not only miss the dapper figure he cut at ALA, I’ll also miss the fact he’s been an invaluable source of LL material for going-on ten years now….

Why the Soundtrack to the Apocalypse Will Provided by Apple: while shopping in the ladies’ unmentionables department at Nordstrom, I came across of all things…an iBra. Despite what you may think, no RSS feeds are involved.

The Cotton Club is Closed: A belated goodbye to Fayard Nicholas, who died January 24th at the age of 92. One half of the tap duo The Nicholas Brothers, you ain’t seen dancing until you’ve seen them in their jaw-dropping staircase dance sequence in Stormy Weather. Rent it this weekend and prepare to be amazed….