I go to Hawaii and what happens?

I get listed as one of the top 25 librarian bloggers, which is really, really…scary, come to think of it. Considering how little I discuss library issues these days, the only thing I can surmise is that you people are desperate for entertainment, at least during your last hour at the reference desk.

But take heart: your boredom is my blogging panic. Herewith is my collection of information pu pus:”

Sayonara to My Childhood Heroes Dept: Two women who’ve had an enormous impact on my childhood have passed away last week: Miyoshi Umeki and Madeleine L’Engle, who I blogged about a few years ago. Miyoshi stood out because in so many ways she reminded me of my mother, from the fact that she was of my mother’s generation, to her appearance in Sayonara. As for Madeleine? I’ll let my previous postings about her stand. I will soften my comments by adding that whatever her faults and transgressions, the ten-year old that still lives inside me will always love her. No matter what.

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