I Don’t Think We Can Handle It–The Last Chorus

So how will mashups be the death knell for copyright? I guess I should clarify by saying it’s either copyright or fair use that will be a thing of the past. Either the Powers That Be will give up and give into the tidal wave that is the Internet (highly unlikely for now) or become even more draconian and push for legislation so punitive it virtually wipes out the fair use exception. Either way, the concept of copyright, pretty muddy to begin with, will change substantially.

It seems with every technological innovation, the copyright issue rears its ugly head. And in just about every instance (i.e., challenge) there’s an imperfect resolution. I doubt there will be a solution in my lifetime other than a pay-for-use schema of virtually all intellectual property–an ironic byproduct of the Information Age.

What I’m Listening To: “Circles” from Bob Mould‘s Body of Song. Because I’m in a mid-90s state of mind….