I Am Sooo Over This Profession….

Why is being a bit jaded (professionally, of course) a good thing? Because being starry-eyed may also mean being starry-brained…okay; that didn’t come out the way I’d hoped, but you get the point: unbridled enthusiasm is great, but it tends to make one less than objective, something we can’t afford these days, particularly when we’re working with a population that seems to be having a few issues about objectivity themselves. Besides, is there nothing more embarrassing than a Librarian of a Certain Age gushing over the latest in federated searching?

I know I’m belaboring the obvious, but looking back, I’m more than a little embarrassed I ignored the red flags for so long, particularly over the trendy, sexy issues (and yes, they do exist in librarianship). Think about it: what was the Next Big Thing when you were in library school? XML? MARC? Benchmarking? Is it still a topic of discussion? Unless you’ve graduated within the last 18 months,I’m guessing no. Mine was document delivery, the expected savior of libraries everywhere; now it’s just a distant memory.

So here’s to casting a jaundiced eye over the Next Big Thing….

But before you begin earnestly cultivating that professional cynicism, go visit the Special Libraries Association’s Inclusion Caucus blog, an information clearinghouse about inclusion and your library/organization. And if you’re an SLA member, consider joining the caucus today!

Proof that librarianship is not for sissies.

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Okay; I gave up on A Passage to India in favor of knitting nifty little wash cloths (or as the millennially-geared knitting magazine calls them, “spa facecloths”). As penance, I’m reading Lost by Gregory Maguire, though not while I’m knitting….