Gen Y Agonistes

In our never-ending search for professional relevancy among the Red Bull-drinking, espresso-steaming, dude-this-graphic-novel-is-awsome set, we’ve undertaken countless studies and presentations on what makes the MTV Generation tick. But why go through these machinations when the answer is literally shelving right next to us in an artfully tattered sweater?

I’m talking about library assistants. Who else has the lock on doomed hipsterdom than those who willfully accept positions for which they’re way overqualified so they can spend their free time publishing zines dedicated to notes discarded on public transportation or perform empirical studies on feminine hygiene products? Why not leverage their discontent to transform our approach to those more likely to emulate our look than our text-based learning style? I have faith they’d come up with their own ironic spin on our profession, such as:

You Can’t Drink Champagne Out of a Paper Cup Dept: Tige Andrews (Captain Adam Greer from The Mod Squad) passed away last week. The odd factoid I recall about him is an old TV Guide article featuring his hobby of painting tv-dinner trays, of which someone actually scanned and posted to the web.

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