Freaky Keyword Fiesta–The Resurrection

It’s back! Like death, taxes and speculation over the existence of Suri Cruise, one can never escape…Freaky Keyword Fiesta!

The Granny Suite–Collect Them All! A perennial favorite, though by me pointing this out yet again, I am driving these pesky little search phrases even higher on the list. That being said, there is a certain irresistible panache to the phrase “saucy grannies”, as anyone who attends Weight Watchers meetings on a regular basis will tell you.

  • erotic grannies
  • freaky grannies
  • saucy grannies
  • sexy grannies
  • hot sexy grannies

Onomatowhaa? Just the sweet strange sounds that people are jonesin’ for via google:

  • niblets
  • ringle

The Librarian Thing: The obsession never stops, though this time there’s a bit of existential angst about the career choice. I will admit, however, I am thinking of adding hot pants librarianship as an achievable goal to my performance review this year:

  • slutty librarians
  • why be a librarian
  • hot pants librarian
  • disgruntled librarian

It’s Homer’s World…. To be more accurate, it’s Lenny’s World we all live in, which begs the question: does Carl command this much attention?

  • lenny from the simpsons
  • simpsons lenny
  • lenny simpsons

More word wackiness later….

What I’m Listening To: One Evening by Feist. Great if you’re in a Umbrellas-of-Cherbourg kind of mood….