Freaky Keyword Fiesta–The *Corrected* Resurrection

The go-to place when you’re fresh out of bon mots:

  • slutty sayings
  • freaky sayings

Unexpected variations of a familiar theme: “lipstick is my crack”

The plain ol’ unexplainable:

  • dormitory hijinks
  • cupcakes
  • dirty flight attendant
  • how to look Japanese
  • 320 pound woman hoax
  • citizens united for a decent internet
  • collection development blog
  • cubicle makeovers

And finally: “funny blog”

What I’m Listening To: Crazy As She Goes The Gnarls Barkley/Raconteurs mashup by The Legion of Doom. I have to admit I’m getting sucked into the whole bastard pop/mashup thing, so much so that it’s going to be my next topic o’ discussion….