Feliz WTF?

I’m back. Finally.

Yes, I know it’s been a while, but it’s funny how life insists on getting in the way.

I promise I’ll resume posting soon, but in the interim, why not make it a fabulous new year for the good people of Dafur? The folks at Book Wish have a holiday campaign to for books for Darfur refugees. Give $1 for each book received as a holiday gift and help raise funds for library construction, English textbooks and primary school textbooks. So why not lie a little and inflate your holiday book gift total? After all, haven’t we all have practice inflating numbers when it comes to gate counts?

The website is: http://holiday.bookwish.org.

Next time: why 2008 sucked. Big time.

What I’m listening to: 24 Hours by Tom Jones. Seriously.