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Are you a teensy-bit interested in trying another career for a month? TLC‘s Faking It is looking for adventuresome librarians to try another career for one month. Interested? E-mail me!

John Belushi, What Hath You Wrought? Dept: This weekend I managed to watch Animal House: Double Secret Probation Edition and School of Rock. I’m struck by the enourmous impact John Belushi has had on comedy. Though Jack Black is truly an original comic actor, much of his acting style is based on the path Belushi paved, particularly the given ample screen time given to Black’s eyebrows. Want a short sampling of JB’s talents? Rent season 2 of the Mr. Show on DVD and watch the sketch “Jeepers Creepers”, a spoof of Jesus Christ Superstar with Jack Black as the Jesus figure

Quentin Tarantino, What Hath You Wrought? Dept: I also managed to see Kill Bill last week; it was pretty much gory eye candy, but what I loved was the soundtrack–who else would think of using the theme from Ironside as a sting? (Note: you have to be over 35 to relate.) I also loved the film opening with “Bang Bang” by Nancy Sinatra. The biggest thrill I got out of the entire movie was that it made me homesick for Japan. Oh, to see hordes of mod Yakuza trying to off one willowy tall blonde wielding a samurai sword just one more time before I die….

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  1. Sulkbrarian
    Sulkbrarian October 23, 2003 at 10:33 pm | | Reply

    Wow! Where did you live in Japan??
    Dude, I’m still not hired for my first professional position so “Faking It” would come naturally to me heehee 🙂

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